SLAC 16.3: Extra Resources

Additional Materials to accompany the dossier on Producciones Calderón in Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas 16.3 edited by Colin Gunckel.

The various logos used by the Calderón family in their different ventures in the film business.

The dossier consists of a lead article by Colin Gunckel and interviews with Guillermo Calderón and his granddaughter Viviana García Besne.

The extra materials for this site were compiled by Colin Gunckel with the help of SLAC staff.

Abstract for the lead article by Colin Gunckel:

This article provides an overview of the archival materials held at the Permanencia Voluntaria collection in Tepoztlán, Mexico. Focusing on the documents of the production company Cinematográfica Calderón, in operation from the late 1930s to the 1990s, the article makes a case for using such material to construct critical industrial histories of Mexican cinema. Drawing on concepts from media industry studies, the article examines three intertwined aspects of the production company’s operations during the 1950s and 1960s: marketing, censorship negotiations, and transnational distribution. Accordingly, it proposes that these factors be placed in conversation with cinematic texts as a way of reconsidering the place of the nation in Mexican film studies, expanding the objects of analysis in this field, and re-evaluating a period of film history whose significance has largely remained overlooked.

Business card by comic actor Lalo González ‘Piporro’ with an apology to Guillermo Calderón for not being able to appear in his production El revólver sangriento/The bloody revolver, Miguel M. Delgado, Mexico: Producciones Calderón, 1964). Courtesy of Permanencia Voluntaria archive, Tepoztlán.










Page of a handbill publicizing the premier of the Ninón Sevilla vehicle Perdida/Lost (Fernando A. Rivero, Mexico: Producciones Calderón, 1950) at the Cine Mariscala in Mexico City, including lyrics to the musical number ‘Superman’. Courtesy of Permanencia Voluntaria archive, Tepoztlán.

The First Generation of Calderóns in the Cinema:

The Calderón Cinema Theaters:

The Second Generation: