SLAC 16.2


The images above, featured in SLAC 16.2 are from (left to right):

  1. Frei Betto stands in front of newsstand. Archival images inserted in the action in Batismo de Sangue/Baptism of Blood, 2006, Brazil: Quimera Produções;
  2. Close-ups and disease in Los labios/The Lips, 2010, Argentina: Morocha Films / Instituto Audiovisual de Entre Ríos / Tres Sonido); 
  3. Leonardo Padura and Félix Viscarret during the making of Four Seasons in Havana. © Léster Pérez;
  4. Close-up of ordinary objects in A hora da estrela/The Hour of the Star, 1985 © Kino Video.

Extra Resources for 16.2 Articles:

Paulo Moreira, “Compulsive Memory: The Endurance of 1969 in Brazil”